A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget.

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Herrrrrrrrrrrroooo there! The name's Ferny im 20 live in San Diego, California. Here's some stuff about me i'm: random. a person that cares a fuck ton.optimistic. funny. chill and laid back. helpful. open-minded. a great listener. Some things I love to do are: Skateboarding. I fucking love movies. music all the way! <3333 concerts and shows. hanging out. walking on the beach. being nocturnal. eating food. staying up late. playing video games. playing sports. see beautiful sights. walk around. hike. I love zombies. I love meeting new people even though I am a shy guy I still try my best (: I would love to chat with anyone who follows me c: and I follow back everyone too. Sooooo let's chat yeah? :D Time to take advantage of life cause its not like we're gunna make it out alive ;D


*takes a break from doing nothing* ah i really deserved this

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let’s not forget how mertil’s dad abandoned her

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*at Starbucks*


*sees classmate boyfriend out kissing on some other woman*


*would say something but I remember she didn’t let me copy her notes*


"that’s clearly not any of my business"


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